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“A typical day in Willow, pouring rain. It always rains in times like this. A man told me that heaven was crying that day. Maybe so. But heaven’s tears were cold. So many stories begin with a dead man, it’s become a cliche. A dark alley, a smoking gun, and a thousand lingering memories remain to haunt us. But this time, there was no smoking gun, no dark alley, only those unanswered questions. It might have frightened the average kid, but not me. I live for this sort of thing. My name’s Ace Wonder, P.I., and I’m about to take on my first real case.”

From the team that brought you “The Widow’s Might”, comes ‘Ace Wonder: Message from a Dead Man’.

Ace Wonder is a boy detective, struggling to find a storyline for his latest novel. When his path tangles with Derek Morton, a simple family mystery becomes a very real case of corporate espionage, scientific discovery, and one coldblooded killer.

HeuMoore Productions finished filming on June 5, 2010 and the crew was able to go home and relax. Now begins Post production (editing, special effects, mixing, etc…) which may take the rest of the year.


HeuMoore was convinced that a feature film remake of their earlier film Heartstrings would be much more marketable than their last award-winning feature film, The Widow’s Might.

When writer/director/producer John Moore was just beginning the writing process, I had the opportunity of talking with him over the phone about this new project. Since then, a few things have changed. One of the changes is the name. Though this name may have been only temporary, I assumed the remake would be called Heartstrings. But now we know the film is called Ace Wonder: Meddage from a Dead Man.

In the phone conversation, I asked how this film would compare with The Widow’s Might, John said, “Very stylistic! Very cool! … Really Fun. Our goal with HeuMoore Productions is to be unique and fresh. I think audiences will be thrilled with [Ace Wonder]. They haven’t seen anything like this before!” “And it will definitely not have more singing.”

At first, John wasn’t very excited about doing a remake, but then he realized how many stylistic changes could be made to the story. [Ace Wonder] is going to be more of a detective story than The Widow’s Might was a western. The budget will be at least three times that of The Widow’s Might’s $129,000.

Full Title: Ace Wonder (formerly titled Heartstrings)
Tagline: Message from a Dead Man
Status: Postproduction
Director: John Moore
Production Company: HeuMoore Productions
Previous Films: The Widow’s Might (2009), Heartstrings (2007), A Lifetime of Childlike Faith (2006), Bubble Trouble (2005), What a Blast
Filming: April 2010
Theatrical Release: info not yet released
Running Time: info not yet released
DVD Release (Nation Wide): info not yet released

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